Enhancing the Most Powerful Method of Treating
Dry Eye Disease: Your Tears

Introducing the EyeGiene Insta-Warmth System for Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

EyeGiene is an innovative and convenient treatment for Dry Eye Disease that has been shown in numerous clinical studies to be safe and effective. EyeGiene is portable, and requires no microwave or boiling. It is the ideal treatment at home, on planes, in the office, or for dry eye sufferers on the go.

EyeGiene uses a proprietary and precise warming methodology to improve the quality and quantity of your tears. The warming process helps unclog the Meibomian glands, which in turn produce oils that are essential to normalize the tear film.

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EyeGiene Treats the #1 Cause of Dry Eye Disease

For millions of people around the world, Dry Eye Disease is a direct result of Meibomian gland dysfunction. The Meibomian glands produce oils that enhance tear quality and naturally help stabilize tears and effectively lubricate our eyes.

When the Meibomian glands fail to contribute normal oils to the tear surface, the tear film quality is greatly reduced, and dry eye disease is an unfortunate result. EyeGiene effectively treats the Meibomian glands, resulting in improvement in dry eye disease symptoms.

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